Lippincott’s, LLC is a well-known fine arts metal fabricating company.  Since 1966 Lippincott’s has been fabricating large-scale sculpture for many of America’s leading artists. Known for understanding the concerns and methods of artists and for working to the highest standards, Lippincott’s has produced numerous iconic works since its inception. Sculptures constructed at our facility and under our guidance at other firms are sited in public spaces and museums as well as in corporate and private collections around the world. In addition to the construction of sculpture, Lippincott’s provides a range of conservation services to clients needing assistance with the care and maintenance of works in their collection. A seasoned team player, Lippincott’s routinely collaborates with architects, engineers, coatings specialists, metallurgists and other professionals in the course of helping artists with the full range of services required to engineer, construct, transport, install and maintain their works.